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  • SHIVALINGAM What is it? The Shivalingam is a sacred stone from India and is said to contain the essence of Lord Shiva, the Hindu God of Destruction. It contains the highest vibrations of all stones on Earth. If you hold the stone in your hand and calmly extend your senses, you can feel the stone’s pulse or heart beat.

    What is so special about the Shivalingam? The Shivalingam has unique properties that make it a powerful tool for energy work, meditation and cleansing. It is especially adept at reflecting energy and breaking up stagnant energy or chi. By moving the stone over the areas of your body where you feel soreness, numbness or pain, you can begin to break up the stagnant energy and blockages located there. Meditation with the stone can help you to identify where energy blockages are located in your body.

    The Shivalingam can also be used to direct the flow of energy through your home or office. By properly placing the stone in a strategic location, you can enhance the flow of energy for whatever purpose it is that you wish to manifest.

    Where does the Shivalingam come from? The Shivalingam comes from the Narmada River in Onkar Mandhata, one of India’s seven sacred holy pilgrimage sites. The stone is a natural crypto-crystalline quartz that is a mixture of chalcedony with iron oxide and goethite, said to have been implanted in the riverbed by a meteorite millions of years ago.

    These unique stones are collected from the riverbed during the dry seasons, when the water is low, by a few families specially trained in the way to identify only the most special pieces. Once collected, these incredible artisans shape and hand-polish the stones to bring out the natural markings which are inherent in their composition, much like a diamond cutter who cuts the rough material to bring out the best in a diamond.

    What does the word Shivalingham mean? The Shivalingam is an often-worshiped stone revered by Hindus as the embodiment of Lord Shiva. The word Lingam (sacred Sanskrit word for phallus) describes the stone’s egg-shape. In Tantra, the shape embodies masculine energy: dynamic expression and knowledge. The markings called Yoni (sacred Sanskrit word for vulva) depict feminine energy: wisdom and intuition. The female energy arouses the masculine urge to create.

    Together, the Shivalingam unifies the duality of male and female into a union of harmonious balance. This sacred stone has become more popular with the western public since Indiana Jones went searching for the Shivalingam in the movie - Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom.

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