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Why do we want to use Stones & Crystals?

Many people ask why do they want to use stones and crystals for healing? We can just go to a doctor when we do not feel well.

Doctors as excellent if you have physical manifestation of illnesses or dis-eases. They check you up and tell you what is going on with your physical health. If there is a problem, they prescribe medication or perform surgery to correct or fix the problem.

However, doctors are usually best used when there is already a problem. As we all know, it is best to keep yourself healthy and maintain it before the problem comes up. That is when stones and crystals can come in handy and assist you in maintaining your health and well-being.

Stones and crystals healing is one of the homeopathic ways besides herbs and homeopathic medicine, etc. Natural stones and crystals come from our planet earth and they take many years to form. Their vibrations came from the Earth, the most powerful energy source. They emit energy created from the Earth. Their energetic properties can be used for many purposes, such as healing, spiritual growth and to create the energy you want for your environment.

They can be used in meditation when we hold a natural form of stone or crystal in our hands. Or as massage tools since some of the stones and crystals are shaped as a wand. They can be used to create movement in our physical body. The natural form can be placed in altars, homes or offices to enhance the natural flow of energy.

You will also find stones and crystals in the form of beads in many different sizes. They are used in jewelry because people love wearing them for their beauty and their energy.