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How do we clean Stones & Crystals?

There are many ways to clean stones and crystals, including water, soil, sea salt, fire, and sage. Certain stones and crystals have to be cleaned using a certain method. Otherwise, the energy may disappear. And the process cannot be reversed, just like death.

Most of the time, it is sufficient to clean the crystals by water alone. If you feel the crystals are heavy and do not look well, then you will need to use a potent method. The best way is to clean with soil by burying the stones or crystals in the yard for a couple of days and wash with water. You will find the stones and crystals are sparking and bright. The reason is because they came from the Earth; burying them in the soil gives them the natural boost of the energy from the Earth. Even jewelry can be placed in the soil for cleaning. Just make sure you remember where you bury them.

Then, we can use fire or sage to clean them energetically around the stones and crystals. The other methods can be used but not as effective. Sea salt leaves a film of salt on the stones and crystals when used for a long time and it is difficult to get rid of the salt.

Certain stones need different care but as a general rule, soil is the best choice to clean. The key is to clean the stones and crystals regularly in order to maintain the life of the stones and crystals.