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Irene Ying Ying Chung is an Energy Consultant dedicated to assisting people in the understanding of what energy is and how to use energy in their daily lives. Her expertise is using the energetic properties of stones and crystals to assist people in creating the experience that they want. She is also an expert on applying other energetic techniques in her practice.

Irene's energy practice is based on the thousand year old Gheedee practice from West Africa that is based on the understanding that "absolutely everything perceived or imagined is a specific vibrational state of 'Mbec' or energy." Mbec (pronounced as m-beh) is an ancient African word that means energy or "chi". By transforming its vibrational state, change can be created through the construction of a new vibrational state.

The Gheedee practice is not a religion and is not part of any organized system of religion. Its primary focus is on physical, mental, and emotional healing. Gheedee can be classified as Traditional African Medicine. The practice is based on the Universal Laws of Energy and it includes many facets of energy work such as energy work on our bodies, meditation, energy placement, etc.

Irene's practice focuses is on your physical, mental and emotional bodies, and the environment around you. She believes that by opening and allowing yourself, you will find amazing things that will change your life experience. Irene's practice is an integration of Gheedee practice and Chinese traditional healing methods.

Prior to starting her Gheedee practice, Irene studied with a renowned Feng Shui master from China and has consulted with him on many Feng Shui projects for businesses and individuals.

Irene has worked in a number of industries in the business world over the years. These life experiences have laid the foundation and inspiration for her work today. Irene was born in China during the time of famine and the Great Leap Forward and she grew up in Hong Kong. She left Hong Kong when she was sixteen to pursue her education and to see the world.

Irene has been a speaker on topics regarding stones and crystals, Feng Shui and energy. She is a regular speaker at the Holitic Living Expo, Conscious Life Expo, New Living Expo and other events which were very well received. She gives classes, lectures and workshops.

She is also the Gold Award winner of the Best of Expo 2010 for her Stones and Crystals Energy Bodywork.