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Filed under: Life Blog — yingyingchung @ 11:15 pm

We all like to dream.  I am not talking about what we dream when we sleep and how we interpret dreams.  I am talking about dreams of our life.  We dream about one day we will have this and that.  What we want in our life and what is our American dream.

When you have a dream of what you want, you can then do the necessary things to make your dream come true.  Understanding that there are always obstacles and life is never a smooth path.  It is your experience during the process that will make a difference in your life.  It is up to you to choose the experience that you want.

Often times, we also dream about a lot of things that are just illusions.  Illusions are distorted reality and they are not real.  We may want them to be real but they are not real.  Making things happen is real and dreams come true.  When we are not realistic, we are in illusions thinking that the illusions can be manifested.

Write down your dream in a piece of paper and set your goals based on the dream.  It may help you to set your path and the experience you want.


Filed under: Life Blog — Tags: , , , — yingyingchung @ 7:20 pm

I am reading an old book by Dale Carnegie and here is a story that I find funny:

‘A farm woman, at the end of a heavy day’s work, set before her menfolks a heaping pile of hay. And when they indignantly demanded whether she had gone crazy, she replied, “Why, how did I know you’d notice? I’ve been cooking for you men for the last twenty years and in all that time I ain’t heard no word to let me know you wasn’t just eating hay.”’

We constantly hear people talk about how they are not appreciated by their spouses, coworkers, employers, parents and even children. Of course, we talk about not being appreciated all the time. We even try many different ways to get people to appreciate what we do and yet, we do not receive the appreciation that we want.

Most of us like to criticize and do not like to give “sincere thanks” to other people. Yet, we constantly want other people to give us the appreciation that we want. If you do not appreciate other people’s work, how do you receive other people’s appreciation to you? If you are constantly in complaint mode, you will not be able to see the appreciation that others have given you.

Start by saying “Thank you” sincerely to everyone you see today.

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